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Remove Sound?

use the avs video editor to remove sound from videoIn this topic we will describe how to remove sound with a perfect tool -- AVS Video Editor.

AVS Video Editor is a full-featured, yet easy-to-use video editor that enables you to edit and enhance your videos and convert them to a variety of formats. You can import existing video clips, edit Blu-ray videos or capture them directly from your DV recorder or other input device, and automatically split the video into scenes that allow you to cut parts from the movie or re-arrange the content. You can add additional audio, transition effects, insert images, text overlays, and even video overlays to add special effects or annotations.

The usual way to remove unwanted sounds is to determine the frequency range of the sound, then reduce the level of that frequency range while the sound occurs. However, if you use the AVS Video Editor tool to remove sound for you, you can finish removing sound in a short time.

Let's follow the simple guide on how to remove sound below.

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Guide on How to Remove Sound

Step 1: Download the AVS Video Editor software. Run it and import the source video files into AVS Video Editor by clicking the import media button in the start menu pane.

download the software to remove sound

Step 2: Place Video Clip-1 to the storyboard. Then apply audio from Video Clip-2 to the timeline working in the add audio mode.

apply audio from video to the remove sound software

Step 3: Adjust the audio levels between the two audio tracks.

Step 4: Preview the result with the help of the Main Preview.

preview the result of removing sound

The main preview is intended for previewing the whole project with audio and all of the effects and changes you have made. This is exactly what we need!

(Only $39.00)
guarentee for you to use the software to freeze frame a video

Use this AVS Video Editor, it would become much easier to remove sound from video. Create your own home video with AVS Video Editor. And you can join, split and delete unnecessary scenes, rotate video files, add audio to video or insert titles and so on by yourself. Meanwhile, you can use it to save the project and video.

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